Custom Coupon Option

Once your registered on this site as a business you will not only enjoy the FREE loyalty card feature, but you have the option to take advantage of our customized COUPON options as well.

While this feature is not free, it is very affordable at only $10 you can have your custom offer available for up to  120 days on our APP. It shows up as an additional ICON that is added in your directory listing next to your loyalty card ICON. Your allowed one active coupon online at a time. Once one expires you can submit a new one when desired.

A consumer simply can touch the icon and it will take them to your stores custom COUPON. You create your own style COUPON, keep in mind it’s set up as a loyalty program for only those who show it to you from within the APP. This additionally continues to help drive others to download the APP so they too can enjoy the benefits!

We provide a clear and simple form to enter all the details of your coupon for submission.

We do the hard stuff and make it easy for you to succeed.

Give it a try today!