Business Benefits

Why should small business owners consider loyalty programs?

The obvious reason to consider our loyalty program is suggested by the name itself “Shop Local Spring River”. It is meant to help develop brand loyalty and supporting our community business. However, it can also be used to help improve communication, increase average sales and even generate some extra digital word-of-mouth referrals about your services. Since our program is so easy to implement (and FREE) we make it simple for you to jump into such a program with very little up front expense – can you afford FREE, we find this is a  very efficient and effective way to market that most small business owners in the area shouldn’t pass up and we hope you consider. The more involved, the more excitement in the community it creates and thus more folks with eyeballs on local area services and products!

Customer incentives for using your reward program.

Our program has been structured to reward customers for shopping more, they provide an incentive to consumers to favor the business that offers rewards.

Your business decides on which type of loyalty offering is best for your business: You decide on your Loyalty Reward Offering!!

  • An ice cream or yogurt shop might offer a free cone after ten visits.
  • A salon might offer  a special discount offer for products purchased.
  • A clothing shop might offer an additional discount and open sales a day or two early to people who join the rewards program.
  • A crafts store might have a special item to give after a purchase of items.

In any case, keep in mind that your customers need to desire or appreciate the item or savings that they are given through your loyalty card, even coming up with something to offer them for just signing up. That value has to be enough to get them engaged.

Our simple Loyalty programs makes it easy for you as a business owner to join and start offering a loyalty program.  We provide the Shop Local Spring River Free APP and the back engine to help you in running your rewards program ~ we do the hard stuff, to make it easy for you to grow.

Business advantages with our reward program

Almost all companies find that they have to spend less money to keep customers than they have to spend to attract new people through the door or to their shopping website.  Your business will easily benefit because our program provides you with an efficient way to market your business.

Our loyalty program can help companies save more money and generate more revenue in a few different ways:

  • The company has to spend less money on marketing because retention is usually cheaper than bringing in new customers. Good rewards programs can be a very effective use of marketing money.
  • Loyal customers also tend to tell their friends about their favorite businesses, so the company can benefit from more “word-of-mouth” marketing both offline and sharing online.
  • Truly engaged customers may find value in spending more than they would have otherwise. Who hasn’t entered a store for a sale and then ended up buying more things before they leave?

So, what are you as a business waiting for?

Register on our site for quick approval and start your digital loyalty program today!