App Wide Promo/Coupon OFFERS

If you are a registered business member of the Shop Local Spring River App system, you now have the option to add a SITE WIDE coupon offer on the APP through our Business Access section.

This offer is available as a stand alone offer – separate from the Free Loyalty Card in the loyalty directory as well as the optional loyalty coupon offering.

This SITE WIDE COUPON is for ALL APP USERS to see when they click on the (APP OFFERS) icon. This will take the users to the overall site OFFERS page and display all current active offerings.

The price for the site wide coupon offer is only $25 per each published coupon and you can have multiple offerings running if desired under this section of the APP.

This section includes three styles of coupons to offer based on your promotion you wish to set up.


  • SCRATCH -n- WIN  where you set the percentage odd of winning.
  • DISCOUNT AMOUNT based on a percentage
  • BUY (?) get ONE FREE